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Fun at the Bristol Open

Fun at the Bristol Open

On the weekend of 17th and 18th September, intrepid members of Portsmouth & Southsea and Seacourt Fencing Clubs went to Bristol to try their hand at this notoriously high level Open.

Representing the club at Épée were Gary Callaway and Alex Chapman for the men and Jenny Morris for the women. 126 men entered the Épée this year which was held in two waves with the lower ranked fencers fighting for a chance to get into the main competition and fence for the title. Gary did well to finish 63rd in the competition overall. Alex didn’t fare so well, finishing 117th. Jenny did splendidly, fighting her way through the first wave to get into the last 32 of the women’s competition with a final placing of 32nd out of 81.

Not content with achieving a high placing in the Épée, Jenny also fought in the women’s Foil competition where she came 34th out of a field of 45. On the following Monday, however, she did say she was a bit stiff having done an awful lot of fencing over the weekend and her legs had had enough.

Three male sabreurs from the club also competed. Unfortunately Carl Morris and Brian Millo, having warmed up the week before at the Vets Winton, went out in their first DE, finishing 57th and 66th. But the highlight of the day was a virtuoso performance by Eryk Rose whose over-zealous follow-through laid his unfortunate opponent out on the deck during his first – and final – DE. Eryk finished 63rd and is now seeking to tone down his technique for his next competition.