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New faces start fencing in Portsmouth

New faces start fencing in Portsmouth

We were really happy to welcome three new starters to Portsmouth & Southsea fencing club on Monday.

The three musketeers in waiting, namely Iain, Clare and Kate coped very well with the warm up, despite Clare still recovering from an ankle injury. Although the ‘en guarde’ position was a bit of a mystery to them, they lunged away with the best of us to stretch those leg muscles and even appeared to enjoy ‘Gordon’s kicking the foil along’ game (but maybe they were just putting on a brave face!)

After kitting up with curiously strange items such as plastrons and plastic breasts, the three were put through their paces by Val. We are lucky to have Val to coach novices, with her patient manner and technical wizardry. In fact, she made such a good impression that our newbies compared her to Yoda! (In terms of skill and calmness rather than looks I am assured!)

At the end of the night, our beginners all declared that they’d had a really great time, so I hope we’ll see them again next week as they take their first steps on their journey towards becoming true jedi (…er…I mean fencers!)