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Portsmouth Fencers Go Italian!

Portsmouth Fencers Go Italian!

On Monday 15 August members of Portsmouth and Southsea Fencing Club were let out from their summer retreats to join up for a night out on the razz in Gunwharf Quays.

The evening started a tad raucously at the Old Customs House, where drinks were shared and friendships renewed. We repaired to a side room where we set about catching up and chattering about our summers. After a fairly short time the room mysteriously emptied. Once they had made it into the comparative peace of the main bar, the last table to leave were overheard saying “at least we can hear ourselves think in here”.

Whilst everyone continued enjoying the pre-prandial drinks, that Queen of Organisers – Jenny Morris – swung into action and located a restaurant willing to take a rabble such as ours. Superjenny had even had the forethought to print out a voucher to get us the best deal (years of being married to Carl have obviously taught her how to watch the pennies).

So the fencing mob then descended on that fine eatery, Pizza Express, to continue the merriment. We were ably served and assisted by the charming Alex and his Duty Manager who preferred to remain anonymous. The pizzas were all delicious, although Luce hit the jackpot where size was concerned, provoking a fair degree of Pizza Envy in Andy. Karen fed her cravings with an American Hot, Dave chowed down on La Reine, whilst Carl simply attempted to float his pizza on a sea of chilli oil.

During dinner the conversation covered a variety of topics including our dream men/women who ranged from Basil Rathbone (for his fencing prowess apparently) to Cameron Diaz (for more obvious assets) and “a really attractive woman married to a famous theatre director who has a little beard” (answers on a postcard – and no, it’s not Helena Bonham-Carter).

In summary, a great evening was had by all. Thanks go to Jenny who galvanised everyone into action and did some decision making (well – someone had to). The next thing to look forward to now is fencing again in September, which will, as always, be fantastic. Can’t wait.