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In order to be as safe as is practically possible from the spread of COVID-19, we are introducing some additional measures for club attendance, as described below. In particular, you must book each session using the form provided.

Be a member of British Fencing

It is now a requirement to be a member of British Fencing to fence at the club. New starters should register for Introduction membership, which lasts 90 days, and is free.

Registration and information on the types of membership can be found here. If you need any clarification, please send us an email or ask during the session, and we will be happy to help you identify the correct choice.

How to Book

We are using the Playwaze service to manage attendance. Create an account and search for the Portsmouth & Southsea community, or use this link. Approval should happen within a day, after which you will be able to book sessions.

For seniors, we have created a number of groups with entries capped at 6. You can use this to organise yourselves into groups based on preferred weapon. It is not mandatory to fence this weapon, if others in your group agree to switch – it’s just to ensure people who only wish to fence one weapon can be assured of getting to use the one they want.

For parents/guardians of juniors, please create an account for yourself, then create a “linked account” for each child. You can switch in to the child account’s profile from your own, and then make the booking for the junior session.

If you experience any issues with this process, please email portsmouth@southhampshirefencing.co.uk.


Until further notice, all payments for attendance must be by monthly standing order; details are here.

The Session

Please come already changed into sports equipment (long tracksuit bottoms or fencing breeches, t-shirt) as changing rooms and toilets are limited to max occupancy of 1 at a time.

Please bring your own sanitiser and water bottle and only bring into the club the personal possessions and equipment you need. Keep your bag away from the piste and respect social distancing. The club will have some sanitiser available in case people run out, but we will not have enough for everyone to use routinely.

Seniors: on arrival report to the Covid-19 officer (Abi Mansfield) to confirm your booking – you should already know your group, but Abi has access to the information if you need a reminder.

Juniors: the junior session coach Andrew Norris and assistant coach Joash Lewis will have received your attendance confirmation and manage your groups.

You may fence within your group, but you cannot cross into another group. (yes I am avoiding saying “bubble”, I’m sick of it!)

Borrowing equipment

In order to avoid the complication of disinfecting masks and other clothing every week, all those borrowing clothing will be asked to keep the kit they borrow for the duration of these measures. Please bring a sports bag so that you can take the equipment home. We will ask for a £20 deposit – please have this when you first attend.

Rules adjustments

Corps-a-corps and fleche must be avoided, and the handshake at the end of a bout is discontinued for the time being.

Bout time limits are maximum 10 minutes of fencing time and 15 minute total.

Face coverings must be worn when not fencing; the use of a mask insert or equivalent device is a suitable alternative when you are fencing.

Full British Fencing guidelines are given here.

Keep up to date with club news

Mailing list for important club notifications such as term dates, opening times, and special events. Your information will ONLY be used for this purpose.