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We have implemented measures to help limit risk from the Covid-19 pandemic in line with recommendations from British Fencing, most notably the requirement to book attendance in advance. We hope to wind down these requirements as vaccination levels improve, but will only do so where advice from our governing body, along with our own risk assessments, supports that decision. In the mean time please help us keep our members and spectators safe by following them!

Be a member of British Fencing

It is now a requirement to be a member of British Fencing to fence at the club. New starters should register for Introduction membership, which lasts 90 days, and is free.

Registration and information on the types of membership can be found here. If you need any clarification, please send us an email or ask during the session, and we will be happy to help you identify the correct choice.

How to Book

We are using the Playwaze service to manage attendance which you can use via its website, or Android/iOS app. Create an account and search for the “Portsmouth & Southsea Fencing” community, or use this link. Approval should happen within a day, after which you will be able to book sessions.

  • For junior fencers, parents should make an account for themselves and create a child account for each junior you are going to bring
    • On computer: go to the {your name} menu > My Details > Child Accounts page
    • In the app: Profile > Add new linked account
  • You will then need to book each fencer in to a session. If you are booking on behalf of a dependent, first switch to the profile for the fencer
    • On computer: Switch account (next to your profile name)
    • In the app: … more > tap the person rotate icon next to your profile icon
  • Then find the session you want to attend and select the option to attend it. Repeat for any other fencers.
  • We are required to limit total numbers based on the size of the hall; however our attendance has rarely been more than half of this limit, so in practice we expect everyone will be able to attend.
  • Finally, this time around we will also need to keep a record of spectators who are remaining in the venue to comply with the contact tracing rules. There will be a separate group to book attendance to for spectators – please use this if you are a parent or otherwise attending but not fencing (remember to switch back to your main profile for this if you are a parent).

If you experience any issues with this process, please email portsmouth@southhampshirefencing.co.uk.


Standing order is preferred but we also accept cash on the night. Prices are here.

The Session

We recomend that you come already changed, but we expect the changing rooms will be available this term.

Borrowing equipment

Club equipment is available to all members (with priority for beginners) at no cost. Fencers should not currently share/swap fencing clothing during the session. However, the guidelines on sanitising equipment are now less stringent than last year so we will not be requiring beginners/juniors to take clothing back and forth if they do not want to. Anyone who has borrowed equipment and wishes to return it is welcome to do so and we will refund the deposit.

Rules adjustments

The handshake at the end of a bout is discontinued for the time being.

Bout time limits are maximum 10 minutes of fencing time and 15 minute total.

We strongly encourage face masks to be worn whilst not fencing – including spectators.

Full British Fencing guidelines are given here.

Keep up to date with club news

Mailing list for important club notifications such as term dates, opening times, and special events. Your information will ONLY be used for this purpose.