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Seacourt AGM

Seacourt AGM

Seacourt Fencing Club held their AGM last Thursday (21st July).

Firstly Martin Toms delivered the Chairman’s report to sum up the year’s events. The club has invested in a new conductive piste for use in the rackets court and Martin urged the épéeists to use it, as they will get the most benefit. Martin also reported that the fencing club had been involved with Seacourt’s centenary celebrations and is really seen as an integral part of the Seacourt Tennis Club. Sadly, the Seacourt sabre event didn’t happen this year, but hopefully will in the future.

Gordon’s Armoury Report detailed purchases of new equipment during the year and he also asked everyone to try and brush down the electric piste so that it is kept in good order.

Karen (Treasurer) reported that club funds were healthy.

Gary has done a brilliant job as Events Secretary this year. For the first time in ages, the Silver Sabre, Silver Foil and Silver Épée were held and completed on their allotted nights! Gary also encouraged everyone to take part in inter-club competitions.

Last year’s Committee was re-elected and Lucy is now the club’s Webmaster.

And finally the decision was made to fence through August as an experiment to see how many people attend if this is to happen regularly.