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The Second Week

The Second Week

Same drill again, but this time, I decided to leave out the 7 miler before. I had been working with multiple moronic pop groups on a festival since Friday, and had started work at 05.30 that morning so there was no chance of a work out before the lesson anyway. The warm up again was good, laps of the gym, changing direction, touching the floor, followed by some good deep stretches, lunge reps, and assorted hand/eye coordination exercises with the steam foil.

Val took Kate and I for technique after the warm up, Kate is the young lady who joined the same night as me.see photo3, Val recapped on week one, stance, footwork and lunge, this time we started on the blocks and counters. From en garde we practiced the lunge, we practiced parry, parry quarte, riposte and were corrected on any technical issues that needing ironing out.

Lucy informed me there is an open competition in February 2012. Right, I have something to aim for. I expect to lose immediately, but I don’t really care, it will be a great experience and the fact it’s not an elimination competition means I should get a good few matches.

Mid week, I lost an eBay bid on a foil mask, read loads on the terminology and realised I had not spoken French since I left University in 1997!! I watched some ‘Youtube’ videos on fencing which was a complete waste of time, it was so bloomin’ fast I wasn’t really able to learn anything, and I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was looking for anyway!

Then I remembered that Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is a fencer. I dragged out my Rock in Rio DVD, there was a 2nd DVD that was full of outtakes, interviewing the band, etc; anyway, there is a small section where he is talking about fencing and you get to see him fence a little; again, it was too fast to pick up anything.