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The Seventh Week

The Seventh Week

AGM went well, was interesting to see who does what, helping keep everything going in the club.
Technique lesson, Loads of reps of parry riposte, and putting phrases together.

Step, lunge, block parry, lunge, and circular parry. I found this particularly helpful, it’s stepping up the pace a little and putting all the basic moves and footwork together, very similar to the one step sparring I did in Kyokushinkai, about 24 years ago. Ouch! Either way it’s a really good way of learning.

Now, please note my use of English basic phrasing here, the names I have been given sound like Anglicised French terminology, and when I went online to source the correct spelling, I found loads of different terms for what (I believe) to be the same techniques. I will verify with Val and take a pad and pen next week to get everything written properly, not only do I want to commit all the moves to memory in movement, but also in name and spelling.

As an aside and out of respect to my tutor, I don’t want to say I was taught something and then incorrectly detail it here in writing and have more experienced people wandering what my was tutor doing when it’s me that’s at fault 😉

Sparring this evening was with Ian, then a very energetic young lady (whose name escapes me) and then Ian again, who I found very helpful, he pushed me a bit, gave me plenty opportunities to try out what I have been learning and get a sweat up too.

My birthday next day. I got a mask and glove. Woohoo!
No! Mask was too small, sent it back for a Large!