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The Third Week

The Third Week

All going well, but I would recommend to not eat dinner too close to Gordon’s warm up, not good! Felt a little better about what kit I was pulling out the cage this week. Kate and I can remember which kit is ours by smell recognition, terrific! Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to purchase any kit yet as I have been mega busy at work, once my invoices are paid I will go have some fun 🙂

More coordination exercises in the warm up, travelling across the room with eyes closed whilst kicking the pommel of the foil, pretty good little exercise I thought, but having seen the prices of foils, I think I would have been inclined to miss each kick and take the lunges!

Again, Kate and I went off with Val and went over the last few weeks lessons. It was good to get the rust off and remind us of what we had learnt so far, I like recapping to compound my knowledge, to get it all tweaked, to get it right. More time was spent on perfecting the basics as we don’t want to build a house on sand now, do we? This session, we were learning circular parry, some time was spent on blade positioning. We had a free sparring session at the end and tried to not get too carried away and actually employ the techniques we had been taught as opposed to rushing at each other, screaming, with the foils held over our heads!

Job done, another week squared away and more research to do this week on kit, technique and rules, I’ll be in London on Friday, so I may pop into the Leon Paul shop for a butchers 😉